Powerlifting Belt - Weight Lifting Belt - Belt for Squat and deadlift
Powerlifting Belt


Powerlifting Belt


Powerlifting belt (or weight lifting belt) is great for Squat and DeadLift.

This belt is designed both for training than competition.

Ideal belt for WeightLiftingBodyBuilding , Powerlifting, Strongman or Crossfit.

Width 10 cm / 10 mm Thickness Maximum

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Hard leather powerlifting belt for squat & deadlift, width 10 cm and thick 13 mm.

SizeLength without buckle (cm)Waist (first hole – last hole in cm) 
S90 cm58-70 cm
M101 cm68-88 cm
L110 cm78-98 cm
XL121 cm87-107 cm
2XL125 cm92-112 cm
3XL131 cm97-117 cm
4XL140 cm117-134 cm

weightlifting belt - belt for deadlift - belt for bodybuilding

When to use a powerlifting belt ?

powerlifting belt is very useful for the following movements:
– For Deadlift and all these variants (deficit …)
– For all these variants and Squat ( front squat)
– Military press
– For all rowing (back exercice)
– For Strongman training
– For some strength exercises such as curl, shrugs … .

powerlifting belt - weightlifting belt - belt for squatThe Pro of a powerlifting belt for bodybuilding ?

Weightlifting belt will allow you to reduce fatigue of your lower back (lumbar) during bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman exercices.

The use of powerlifting belt will support the lumbar vertebrae by increasing intra-abdominal pressure. This will therefore reduce vertebral compression during a weight training session tighten AND YOU also more stable.

– If you suffer from back, this is a perfect belt for back pain, you can achieve with our powerlifting belt exercises that you could not achieve without.

Powerlifting Belt (Weightlifting Belt)
Hard leather powerlifting belt for squat & deadlift, width 10 cm and thick 13 mm. Use by Strongman, Weightlifter, Powerlifting, Crossfit and bodybuilder
Brand: Warrior Powerlifting Gear
Model: Powerlifting Belt
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