Liquid Chalk (250 ml)


Liquid Chalk (250 ml)



Warrior liquid chalk has arrived!

Great for the gym where you can’t use chalk block!

The pros:
Doesn’t make dust
Dries quickly (about 30 seconds)

Capacity: 250 ML

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Why use liquid chalk ?

Liquid chalk is most commonly used in fitness gym where you can’t use a chalk block.

Indeed, our liquid chalk does not make dust, so no risk of dirtying the floor of your gym!
It also dries very quickly after application.

For even faster drying, you can shake your hands.

Capacity: 250 ML

Chalk is used in all sports of strength (Powerlifting, Strongman, Weightlifting) but also for climbing, gymnastics or athletics…

Liquid chalk, once dry on your hands, will act as a drying agent by absorbing sweat.
This will ensure an effective grip and will prevent the bars from slipping from your hands.

Liquid Chalk (250 ml)
Discover our liquid chalk in a 250 ml bottle ! Our chalk does not dust and dries very quickly! Ideal for strength training ...
Brand: Warrior Powerlifting Gear
Model: 250 ml
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