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Strength Wraps

strength wraps

These strength wraps are made for Crossfit ! You will adjust them with a simple twist-tight : you can just tighten the material for extra firm support on heavier lifts, then loosen it for a little more range of motion on the next.

Resistance bands

resistance band kit - powerlifting rubber band

Resistance bands for all strength sports ! Powerlifting, Crossfit, Combat Sport, Calisthenics… We sell by unit 4 different resistance band tension. You can add rubber band in your workout, do some rehab, stretching… Easy to use, resistance bands are a must have !

Compression cuff


Do you suffer of elbow or biceps tendinitis ?
Do you have elbow pain during lifting ?
Do you suffer of tennis or golfer elbow ?

The compression cuff will help you to reduce pain and keep training.


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We sell strength training equipment and accessories all over the world in our Strength Shop !

Our strength products are used for powerlifting, strongman, crossfit, bodybuilding, weightlifting

We do our best to sell strength accessories at the highest quality for the better price in our powerlifting shop.

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We sell wrist wraps, knee wraps, powerlifing belts, bench belt, Neoprene elbow sleeves, Elastic elbow sleeve (1 or 2 ply), fitness gloves, lifting straps, powerlifting singlet, chalk, powerlifting clothes, bodybuilding….

Wrist Wraps

Powerlifting & Strength Clothes

Fitness gloves / Bags / Strap

Elbow and Knee Sleeves (Neoprene or Elastic 1ply or 2ply)


Powerlifting Belts & Bench Belts

Knee Wraps 2m & Knee Wraps 2m50

Powerlifting Singlet

Resistance Bands

  • Rubber Band

    Resistance Band Kit

  • Rubber Band

    Mini Resistance Band (2 to 15 kg / 20 to 35 lbs)

  • Rubber Band

    Monster Mini Resistance Band (13 to 23 kg / 30 to 50 lbs)

  • Rubber Band

    Light Resistance Band (18 to 36 kg / 40 to 80 lbs)

  • Rubber Band

    Average Resistance Band (22 to 55 kg / 50 to 120 lbs)

You will find all the strength accessories and gym clothes for crossfit, strongman, powerlifting, weightlifting, fitness in our strength shop.
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